About me

My name is Larissa Conley and I am a green juice-drinking wife and mother. I love experimenting with foods and sharing recipes. I am actively pursuing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I am seeking to live a life of balance and joy. And I would love for you to join me on this journey.

My journey to balance started in October 2011 when I acquired a series of infections that really took the life out of me. Medical interventions seemed only to make things worse so I began to research alternative ways to regain my health. It soon became apparent that there is a real link between food, lifestyle and health. Within months I had drastically altered my diet, started to change my mindset, and began to see improvements. I was surprised by the novelty of feeling well – had I really been sick for so long that it started to seem normal?ย  So I researched more and cut more things out of my diet. These were not easy months; I felt overwhelmed by all I was learning and implementing.

After about 4 months on a highly restricted diet, I took stock of my life again. It was at this point I realized that diet alone is not the key to health.ย  Other things (adequate movement, supportive relationships, a positive work environment, a peaceful home) are just as important. It was when my focus switched from restrictions to healthy lifestyle choices that I really began to see improvements.

In September 2012 I began studying at the largest nutrition school in the world in order to learn more about improving my life through eating well and taking care of myself. I am also learning how to coach others to do the same. I want to share my learning with others so we can live vibrant lives together.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find this space enjoyable and helpful.

Wishing you lots of love and green juice,


21 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Larissa, good to have part of the whole story. I am learning to use your recipes daily. I made the lentil breakfast but used Channa Dal. Is that the same as split yellow peas?
    Larissa, does this mean you can be someone’s life coach?

    • I think the pulses I used might have actually been chana dal, as well. I can’t actually differentiate them and yellow split peas. The original recipe called for red lentils, which might be even better because they’re mushier. What did you think, Maureen?
      And yes, next summer I’ll be a certified holistic health coach!

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  3. Larissa,

    I just stopped over to see what your posting about. It all looks so wonderful. The photos you take and post have a lot to say also.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Chef Randall

  4. Larissa
    I really would like to talk more to you about IIN as I have been researching and wanting to take the course but have some hesitation. Could you please email me with your email and we can converse from there? thanks so much. BTW…our common connection is K Epp!

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