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Farewell to Qatar

After five years, we’re leaving Qatar tomorrow. This quirky country, full of potential and growing pains, has been a gracious home to us. I will miss many things I have come to love about this place. Day after day of glorious sunshine, interspersed with the odd excitement-producing bout of rain. An overwhelming sense of optimism from the country’s leaders, accompanied by the will and the means to make big things happen. Adventures that lead to pockets full of sand or mouths full of salt. The importance of family and the preeminence of taking care of the people in your life over all else. A real awareness of the divine and its incorporation into every single thing.  An intrinsic feeling of connection with those around us who are also attempting to establish a sense of belonging in a foreign land.

By way of a sendoff, we invited a few of these people to a small open house at our villa. In honour of our new home, Big Handsome compiled a playlist of songs by Canadian artists to play in the background. And in honour of our current home, I attempted to prepare themed party snacks.

Fruit platter reminiscent of the Qatari flagQatari flag fruit plate - Love&GreenJuice

Veggie tray, complete with palm tree and relaxing camelDesert-themed veggie tray - Love&GreenJuice

Mini oatcakes topped with cultured cream cheese and cranberry chutney, also boasting Qatari coloursCranberry chutney appetizers - Love&GreenJuice

Five years have flown by. But in those five years, we have experienced many things and grown in many ways.

In five years, I’ve watched relationships blossom and fall apart. I’ve witnessed heartbreak and outpourings of love. I’ve observed incredible resourcefulness, even amidst incredible opulence. I’ve made friends and watched them move on.

While living in this country I’ve realized I can take control of my health. I’ve confronted some of my irrational fears. I’ve developed my creativity in unexpected areas. I’ve discovered joy in everyday experiences.

Most significantly, it was here in Qatar that I became a mother. That in itself changed my life forever. It’s hard to forget a place that is so inextricably tied to your child – especially your first. No matter where we end up, Qatar will always be a big part of our story.

Goodbye, Qatar. Thanks for letting us call you home for these past five years. We leave you with fond memories and best wishes for your continued becoming. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Desert-themed veggie tray - Love&GreenJuice


4 thoughts on “Farewell to Qatar

  1. Wow, what a beautiful post and a moving description of Qatar! I’m currently spending in Dubai for a holiday and I have to say the culture is absolutely amazing here as well 🙂 Beautiful photos as well, that fruit looks delish!! – Niki x

    • Wow, Niki – I hope you really enjoy your time in the Gulf! It’s a unique place for sure. I’m sure you’ve checked out a spice souq already? If not, you’d better put it on your must-do list!

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