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Heal Your Gut

I don’t usually use this space to promote products or services, but I’m going to make an exception today. As part of my goal to get gut healthy in 2013, I signed up for Lydia Shatney’s online Heal Your Gut course in the spring and really benefitted from it. She’s running it again this summer, and registration has opened.

Heal Your Gut

I want to take a minute to recommend the course to you, reader who suffers from bloating, heartburn, irregular bowels or any other abdominal issue, and to you, reader who is curious about the grain-free and fermented recipes I’ve been posting, and to you, reader who knows she should chew her food more but can’t be bothered, and to you, reader, who has a family history of digestive and autoimmune troubles, and to you, reader who thinks it’s normal to poo less than once a day, and to you, reader, who wants to set her family up for optimal health for the rest of their lives.

I took the course during an unexpectedly busy time in my life and consequently I still haven’t finished working my way through all the lessons. But with lifetime access to the material, I can take my time. By the end of lesson 3, however, I already felt like I’d gotten my money’s worth.

The lessons are equipped with audio lectures, transcripts, and links galore. The course is good for people at any stage in the gut health game. Lydia gives enough suggestions and “next steps” that at least one of them fits where each individual is at. After the second lesson I was already implementing small but significant changes to my life that I believe will have a profound impact on my overall health for the long run.

Participation in the course also gives you access to a fantastic private facebook group where Lydia answers questions about the course material and other gut-related queries. And it’s nice to “meet” people trying to heal their guts, too.

The course starts July 10. If you sign up before June 26th (so, yup, only 2 or 3 more days depending on what time zone you’re in), you can save $40. All the details (including the course outline and a sample lesson) can be found by clicking the ad below.

Update: Early registration saving has been extended until July 3.

To healthy guts!
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