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Fermented Salsa: My new Favourite

salsaI never thought I’d ever use the words ferment and favourite in the same breath. But I have. I really love fermented salsa. I love that it’s good for me and I love that it tastes great. I love that it’s versatile and I love that it’s not a hard sell to my family.

I can’t get enough of this stuff. I went out and bought a bag of non-GMO, preservative-free corn chips for a whopping 27QR, just for another excuse to eat salsa!

I put it on salad in place of dressing.

I mix it with leftover quinoa and avocado to make a quick and easy lunch.

I eat it alongside my breakfast eggs (got that idea from the tomato relish Jones the Grocer serves with its poached egg on arugula).

I use it as a topping for my my bun-less hamburger.

I’ve even been altering our mealplan to include more salsa-friendly meals (i.e., we had crockpot fajitas 3 times last week!)

This is a major breakthrough for me. I’ve embraced fermented foods, but in a “it’s good for you so suck it up and just do it” kind of way. Or more accurately, a “keep eating it and eventually you’ll start to like it” kind of way.  There are ferments I don’t mind now, namely my friend’s curried cauliflower ferment. And I’m on the verge of preferring broth with sauerkraut rather than without. And my bread and butter pickles weren’t too bad. But that’s a far cry from this salsa.

Salsa with Pickl-it Lid - Love&GreenJuice

I had been hesitant to try my hand at salsa until my pickl-it lids came in. There’s lots of info out there about fermenting in mason jars vs. fermenting with air locks. All I know is that I feel better knowing my produce is fermenting in a safe environment. And also, it tastes good.

I roughly followed this recipe from the pickl-it website. Mostly I just made fresh salsa (tomato, onion, cilantro, garlic, lemon juice, cumin, cayenne pepper), mixed in what I estimated to be 5 g of himalayan salt, closed the lid, added the airlock and left it on the counter, covered, for 2 days. After the 2-day fermenting period, I put it in the fridge where it will last for months, in theory, but in practice I’ve always devoured the quart within a week or two.

salsa eggs

I just opened a new batch yesterday, and in true home-ferment style, it tasted different from the pervious attempts. This one was a little spicier and a little more tomato-y. The batch before was a bit saltier and tangier. My first salsa was chunkier and more tingly. The common denominator: they’ve all been delicious!

I’m hoping to fit in a trip to the wholesale farmer’s market this weekend for a big box of tomatoes, because seriously – I can’t get enough of this stuff! Who’d have guessed it!?

Salad topped with fermented salsa - Love&GreenJuice


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