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Green Eggs and Veg

Green Eggs and Veg - Love&GreenJuiceWe’re on a bit of a Dr. Seuss kick at our house. I think it comes with the territory of having a 3-year-old.

For a while we only had 2 Seuss books: There’s a Wocket in my Pocket, which Emirates Airlines gave us as a gift on our flight to Canada and The Shape of Me and Other Stuff, whose origin I have no idea about. It simply appeared one day in our home. But I’m so glad it did – it’s a great book!

On Big Handsome’s last trip to the US, he picked up a few more Dr. Seuss classics, one of which was Green Eggs and Ham. I like that book. I like the repetitive rhymes, and the overall rhythm of the book. I also like that the protagonist (we never do find out his name) does try the dish in the end and likes it. Somehow, though, kids seem to only remember the first 50 pages of the book!

I’ve been eating a lot of eggs these past weeks. Inspired by Sam-I-am, I decided to try my hand at green eggs (sorry, no ham in this country!) I also need to give credit to whoever posted Elana’s green egg recipe on pinterest for helping my green eggs become a reality. They’re really easy to make, and would make an excellent St. Patrick’s Day breakfast.

Unfortunately, my handsomes can’t get over the colour just yet, but that’s ok for now. I have to admit, they do look a little off-putting, but what they lack in visual appeal, they make up for in taste.

green eggs and soup - Love&GreenJuice

My first attempt was fine (eggs, greens, salt, oregano), but once I added garlic and curry, I hit the jackpot! I’m looking forward to playing around with flavour combinations and side veggies in future breakfasts.

I do so like green eggs and veg. Thank-you, thank-you, Sam-I-am (and Elana).

Green Eggs & Veg - Love&GreenJuiceGreen Eggs
2 eggs
big handful leafy green vegetables
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 tsp. curry powder
salt to taste
oil for scrambling

Instructions: Combine all ingredients in blender. Blend on high until uniform consistency is reached, adding water to help blend if necessary (it wasn’t for me). Pour into greased frying pan and scramble as you would any eggs. Serve with ham. Substitute ham with vegetables if you’re vegan or live in the Middle East or simply love veggies. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Green Eggs and Veg

  1. We did the same when my kids were young as well. We collected all the Dr. Seuss books too. Very tasty looking breakfast. I put some veggies with our scrambled eggs this morning also, my wife and I.

    Thanks for sharing Larissa.

    Chef randall

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