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Simply Turning 3

Little Handsome turned 3 at the end of February, which, as you may recall, was our grain-free month. My hope was that his eczema would have cleared up by the time his birthday came and we’d be celebrating with pizza and some low-sugar form of birthday cake. Unfortunately, February came and went and the eczema persisted. I wasn’t sure whether to continue the diet beyond the agreed-upon month or not (more on that in a later post). But the decision seemed imminent since it had direct repercussions on the birthday party.

Little Handsome's grain-free birthday decorations - Love&GreenJuice

Fortunately, my darling boy made it easy on us this year. For his party he wanted to invite only Mommy, Dadday, Grannie (who was visiting) and his nanny. No kids. No other friends. Just us. He was adament on this point.

As for food, he didn’t once ask for pizza – much to my relief. Instead, he requested brown cookies (a sort of raw macaroon) to eat. That’s it; just brown cookies. Is it any wonder that sometimes it feels like my heart is going to explode with love for this little one?

So the party was simple. We made and he “delivered” 3 invitations, all in the living room. And at 9:00 we gathered in the dining room. Little Handsome systematically opened his presents. We sang “Happy Birthday.” We cheered as the candle was blown out. We played with the new toys. It was so very great.

I learned a valuable lesson about children’s birthday parties:  they don’t have to be a big deal. I think the birthday child wants to feel celebrated. This can be done with elaborate decorations, fantastic entertainment and a stunning cake. Or it can be done with simple activities and items specific to the child’s interests. We chose to go with the latter, and those interests right now are Mario and Luigi. And Toad. And Yoshi. And maybe even Bowser.

Little Handsome's grain-free birthday party 2 - Love&GreenJuice

Of course, there may be kids who thrive in a loud, celebratory party environment and need that to feel “birthdayed.” I’m so glad our birthday boy isn’t one of them. A few well-placed decorations, a specially-ordered set of Super Mario Brothers figurines, a chance to blow out a candle in the shape of a 3 multiple times (we kept relighting it…just for fun), and the people he loves, and Little Handsome had a fantastic day.

That’s not to say we didn’t have a cake of sorts. It was a cookie/pudding/sweet delight made from mixing the following ingredients in the proportion that “felt right”:

  • ripe banana
  • almond meal
  • grated coconut
  • cocoa
  • ground flax seed
  • honey
  • coconut oil

Little Handsome's grain-free birthday - Love&GreenJuice

Some of this mixture was kept as a big dough ball and placed in a dish, because Little Handsome prefers to eat it with a spoon. It also made for a great candle holder! I shaped some of the dough into rounds, chilled them, and served them as raw chocolate macaroon cookies to the guests, along with a cup of fruit as you can see from the picture. The birthday boy traded his apples for Big Handsome’s oranges and everyone was happy.

Oh, I almost forgot. The actual highlight of the day was the present we saved for after dinner: a third Wii controller (which we actually purchased before Little Handsome was born and forgot about).  A week after his birthday and he still starts every morning by saying, “Hi Daddy. Hi Mommy. We can play Mario with THREE PLAYERS!”

three controllers

Happy birthday, Little Handsome. You make every day a day to celebrate.


5 thoughts on “Simply Turning 3

  1. Happy Birthday to your little guy. We tried grain-free (sort of) for our little guy’s eczema, too, but found much better results taking him off dairy. It’s sometimes difficult to remember because no one else has food sensitivities, but his worst eczema disappeared in about a week.

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