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Grain-free Breakfasts

GAPS breakfast - Love&GreenJuiceWhen we first decided to try a grain-free diet, the thing I was most concerned about what what we would do for breakfast. For years my breakfast consisted of toast and peanut butter/cheese/lunch meat, on my way out the door.

When I cleaned up my diet, I had a love affair with oatmeal. It was warm and comforting, and there were so many different flavour potentials. Then the weather warmed up and I started eating it cold (soaked overnight) and it was like a whole new amazing breakfast.

A few months later, I branched out into the world of granola, with my dehydrator banana walnut granola. I enjoyed eating it with yogurt, coconut pudding or almond milk and fruit.

A few months after that, I started making breakfasts with other grains such as quinoa, millet and buckwheat. But do you see the problem here? Every switch was from a grain to a grain. Excellent for variety, but not helpful for our GAPS-esque venture.

So back to the original problem: what to eat for breakfast? I thought about switching over to fabulous lentils for breakfast, but I’m trying to limit our legume intake during this experiment as well. Green smoothies are another good choice, but even if I load them up with filling ingredients like avocados and nut butters, I didn’t think it would be satisfying enough.

A quick Pinterest search (as an aside, I can’t believe I resisted this site for so long!) revealed that most grain-free breakfasts are nut flour variations of grain-rich dishes. They look and sound delicious but unfortunately, most of my attempts at grain-free baking have been unsuccessful. I can’t find almond or coconut flour so I tried using almond meal and dessicated coconut; apparently it’s not the same.

Then all of a sudden I had a brain wave: healthy grain-free breakfast? How about eggs and vegetables? All it took was for me to stop focusing on altering what I was already eating and start focusing on what we could eat instead. It all seems so obvious in hind sight. Now that I’ve been making meals without grains for almost a month, I can’t remember why I was ever concerned.

Actually, I kinda feel sorry for grain-eating-Larissa, because she was missing out on the beautiful, vibrant breakfasts I’ve been enjoying these last few weeks. That’s not to say that I won’t be enjoying a big bowl of oatmeal when we’re back on grains, but I will definitely keep veggie breakfasts in the rotation!

Here are two examples of breakfasts from February.

Veggie Bowl

sauteed vegetables (1/4 bell pepper, 4 large mushrooms, 1/2 small red onion, handful spinach)
1 egg, hard boiled
salt and pepper to taste

Grain free breakfast - Love&GreenJuice

This-Could-Be-Served-At-A-Restaurant Breakfast

2 eggs, fried
Small bowl of roasted vegetable soup
Large handful of kale, sauteed
2 avocado wedges
salt and pepper and herbs to taste

I have to admit that making an egg and veggie breakfast is definitely more time consuming than grabbing a bowl of cereal or a breakfast bar. But it’s worth it to me. And there are ways to simplify: I saute 3 days’ worth of veggies at a time, or boil 6 eggs. I always have soup in the fridge ready to go. (Remember my mantra? Cook once, eat twice!)

Best of all, I’m starting my day with lots of nutrition and I’m full until lunch. Veggies for breakfast…why didn’t I think of this before?!


3 thoughts on “Grain-free Breakfasts

  1. Great stuff here Larissa. Good post about breakfast. The second one has a lot of good fats and protein. Eggs have that special protein we need for cell build and energy. It fills you up even and you don’t munch a lot before lunch!! Great information Larissa.

    I am not sure if you seen this post I wrote about Breakfast and protein. Here’s the link if you would like to view: .

    Your family is fortunate to have such a lover of healthy eating and cooks it too! 🙂

    Chef Randall

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