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Real Fruit Cake

Birthdays provide a great opportunity to take time from our busy lives to celebrate each other. It’s also a good time to dream, reflect, and enjoy good food. I did the dreaming and reflecting on the actual anniversary of my birth, but the celebrating and good-food-eating came a week and a half later, when things weren’t quite so busy, and I was ready to celebrate me.

What I really wanted for my birthday was a small, intimate soup & salad (my favourite lunch menu) potluck lunch. So that’s what I had.  A few friends, delicious food, heartfelt hugs, and good conversation, and I felt like a well-birthdayed girl.

But what birthday is compelte without a cake? I did a bit of research and came across this video showing how to make a watermelon cake, and immediately decided that’s what I would create. I went to the grocery store and asked the gentleman to cut me half a watermelon. He did, but it was green inside. He tried another. It gushed water all over his work area. A third was complete mush on the inside. Rather than waste more watermelons, I decided to use even more creativity and try to make my cake with a melon.

I think I may have let my creativity run a little too wild. In my mind, the cake was going to be beautiful and sophisticated. Instead, it ended up being spunky and playful. Maybe that’s what I need in my 34th year. Either way, it was fun to make and a refreshing way to end the meal.

The best part of this cake might have been the raw chocolate pudding a friend brought, which we served alongside the fruit. Once she shares the recipe with me, I’ll pass it along to you, because it really, really needs to be shared.

Real Fruit Cakefruit cake slice

1/2 honeydew melon, peeled
globe grapes, halved & seeded
pomegranate arils

Instructions: cut honeydew melon in half and scoop out seeds. Place flat side down on a plate or tray. Decorate with other fruit, using toothpicks to keep the pieces in place. Slice as you would a pie and serve with raw chocolate pudding. Enjoy!


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