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1 Ingredient, 3 Meals: Millet

I’m trying very hard these days to simplify life. Starting with meal prep. Using a meal planner has really helped to organize myself. I don’t know why I haven’t been using it for years. For me the hardest part of making dinner has always been deciding what to make. So it’s been very helpful to have the evening’s recipe all cued up in the app, just waiting for me to make it a (usually) delicious reality. It has also made grocery list making a million times easier. Seriously, how did it take me so long to discover this gem?

Another of my new simplification strategies is what I’m calling the Weekly Grain. One day a week I try to cook up a big pot of some grain. I like to rotate between brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, and millet. Then we eat through the pot as the week goes on. And grains are so fabulous, they can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s amazing how much meal prep time is saved by simply having a grain all ready to go.

Last week was millet week. Until last year I thought of millet only as bird food. And actually, we do feed it to our outdoor pet birds. But millet has been cultivated and eaten in Asia, Africa and India for hunderds of years.  Like oats, millet is high in magnesium (1 cup contains 19% of the RDA). Magnesium has been shown to have positive effects on asthma, migranes, diabetes and blood pressure. (source) It’s got very little flavour, which makes it quite versatile. And to top it all off, it’s gluten-free – which I why I usually substitute millet for couscous, like in this soup.

Anyway, here you go:  millet recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast: Millet Porridge

¼ c. cooked millet
1 tsp. cinnamon
handful of raisins
large splash coconut (or almond) milk

Instructions: Heat millet in microwave or on stovetop with some coconut milk or water. Add cinnamon, raisins and coconut milk to serve. Enjoy!

Lunch: Millet with Roasted Vegetables

½ c. cooked millet
1 c. roasted vegetables

Instructions:  Roast vegetables (instructions here). Serve over cooked millet. Enjoy!

Dinner: Millet and Butternut Squash Mash (side dish)

1 c. cooked millet
½ butternut squash, roasted
¼ c. parsley, chopped
3 green onions, chopped
1 Tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Instructions: Saute onions and parsley in olive oil until soft and fragrant. Combine with millet and butternut squash. Add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!

Note: The mash was not toddler-friendly (too many slimy green bits). Next time I’ll try making croquettes and see how that goes.


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