Liebster Award: kinda like a big blog hug

I received two nominations for the Liebster Award this past week. From what I understand, this award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve some recognition and support to keep on blogging. The Liebster Award takes its name from a German word meaning ‘Beloved, Dearest or Favourite’.

I started this blog with two main goals: (1) to share ideas for living well and (2) to learn from others. I’ve already “met” so many interesting and inspiring people in the weeks this blog has been active. Many of the blogs I now follow were discovereded through other award posts, so I am glad to nominate bloggers I appreciate and share their links with you.

A very big thank-you to Lindsay at Arohanui Vegan Love and Randall at Savor the Food for the nominations.


Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Here’s how it works:

  1. Add the award icon to your blog!
  2. Link to your nominator to say thank you.
  3. Each blogger should post 11 facts about themselves.
  4. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, & create 11 questions for your nominations to answer.
  5. Choose 11 up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers, go to their blog, and tell them about the award.

11 Facts about myself:

  1. I am Canadian, but I have been living Qatar since 2008.
  2. I do not sweat. Ever. You may think it’s a blessing, but it’s actually not.
  3. I have never considered myself a foodie and was shocked when a friend used that term about me.
  4. I am an English teacher. But many days I wish I were a full-time mom.
  5. My favourite fruit is avocado, and my favourite vegetable is butternut squash.
  6. I don’t know how to answer the question “Where are you from?”
  7. I have 3 younger sisters and as of January, we will all live in different countries.
  8. I got married in an art gallery, but I am still gaining a true appreciation for art.
  9. Every time I feel a cool breeze, I utter a prayer of gratitude.
  10. I get stressed when there are fewer than 3 bananas in the house.
  11. I get ridiculously excited about kale.

My answers to  Arohanui’s questions:

  1. Almond or Coconut Milk? I prefer almond, but coconut is quicker to make.
  2. Guacamole or Hummus? Guacamole (see fact #5 above)
  3. Beach or Snow? That’s a tough one. Both, in small doses.
  4. Canon or Nikon? We have a canon, but I usually just use my hubby’s smartphone camera.
  5. Smoothie or Juice? Green smoothie, definitely. But I call it green juice.
  6. Raw or Cooked? Both, together, in the same dish, on the same plate.
  7. Nuts or Seeds? Both, together, in the same dish, on the same plate. (wink)
  8. Bike or Skateboard? I tend to prefer my own two feet.
  9. Coffee or Tea? Tea, preferrably vanilla rooibos.
  10. Tent or Hotel? Hotel, all the way. But I guess a tent with a bed would be ok, too.
  11. Fruits or Veggies? Veggies for dinner, fruit for dessert.

My answers to  Savor the Food’s questions:

  1. What is your favorite food? Today, it’s avocado & sprouts on oat crackers.
  2. What is your hobby? Cooking, eating, and blogging about it.
  3. How do your friends describe you? “Nice.” How lame-o is that?
  4. If you could, what one thing would you change about your life? I’d work part-time.
  5. Are you married and if yes how long? Yes, but we have to do the math each year. May 2006.
  6. Do you speak another language, other than English? I used to speak passable French, Spanish and Serbo-Croatian.
  7. If you could, would you want to govern the country? Definitely not.
  8. What started you blogging? A new-found excitement about all things healthy.
  9. Have you traveled out side the country, if so where? I have been fortunate enough to have visited 5 different continents.
  10. Do you have children, how many? One fabulous son.
  11. Are you glad this is the last question? Sure am!

My Nominees (in no particular order):

  1. Dispatches from the Gypsy Roller for introducing me to the idea of lentils for breakfast
  2. Vegan for a Year for sharing his journey into health and veganism with honesty and humour
  3. Tracie on the go for being my number one commenter, and for reminding me to love, thank, be
  4. Rub a dub dub  for making 100% healthy ice cream look so delectable
  5. Epps in Qatar for entertaining me with great anecdotes and beautiful pictures
  6. Move Eat Create for reminding me we’re all on different journies with her story about  vegan cookies at work.
  7. Happy and Simple for introducing me to foodie penpals and 2care.com
  8. 9 cup challenge for expanding my thoughts on how to use garam masala
  9. Quinoa Kale and Exhale for teaching me some winter squashes can be eaten with the skins on
  10. Va-va-vegan for reminding me of the daily impact we have on little watching eyes
  11. (hand) one day on a plate  for giving me another way to use up my extra plums

Questions for my nominees:

  1. What do you do to relax?
  2. What is your go-to recipe on a busy day?
  3. Which year do you think back on with most fondness?
  4. What time of day is your favourite?
  5. What do you see if you look to the left?
  6. Whose shoulder has collected the most of your tears?
  7. What activity energizes you?
  8. What have you tried for the first time recently?
  9. Where do you drink your morning beverage (coffee/tea/smoothie)?
  10. What was the last gift you gave yourself?
  11. What are you most grateful right now?

20 thoughts on “Liebster Award: kinda like a big blog hug

      • Well, what I’m thinking is to have a monthly meet-ups and alternate between mornings and evenings. That way we’re sure to have you included in The Kindnesses chin-wag.

      • Goodness Larissa, what a lovely surprise. I have only now seen that you nominated my blog, thank you. I’ll certainly do the necessary in deep appreciation!

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