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My “known for” recipe: Raw Chocolate Truffles

Have you got a “known for” recipe? You know, the one you always bring when  you’re invited to a potluck because people always rave about it and ask for the recipe. But of course, you’re hesitant to give the recipe because it’s the one you’re known for. And if everyone starts making it, you secretly fear that everyone will stop inviting  you to their parties because it was really your dish they wanted more than your company.

My known for recipe used to be skor bark. I got it from a lady at a potluck whom I haven’t seen for years now. See? The aforementioned fear isn’t too far off the mark. Anyway, skor bark is delicious but really bad for you. The ingredients are saltines, butter, sugar and chocolate chips. Needless to say, I don’t really feel good feeding it to people anymore. And I don’t need to, because I have a new recipe I’m trying to become known for: raw choclate truffles.

Raw chocolates and cookies are probably the most famous treat in the raw food community, but fortunately (for potluck purposes, I mean) that community is relatively small, so they’re still new, exotic and known-for-able. A friend of mine recommended the recipe way back when I first altered my diet and I haven’t stopped making them since. She got it from her friend over at Living Life with Food.

These little babies are always a hit among my peers, so I know Westerners love them. But I wasn’t sure how they would fare among folks with Arab palates. So I tested it out at a class event today. Over the past two weeks, my students have been working on creating posters about the theme of our current unit. Today, invited guests (other instructors) came to ask them questions about their work. It was a lovely morning.

To thank these guests for their time, I prepared some treats, Love and Green Juice style. I brought a fruit tray (kiwi, pomegranate and pineapple), honey-sweetened banana cookies (stay tuned for the recipe), dates and dried apricots, and of course, raw chocoate truffles.

The response surprised me. As soon as the students came in, they greeted me, placed their books down and headed over to the snacks. The first thing they grabbed was fruit.  Then one tried a raw truffle, and loved it. Another soon followed, and another. It’s fair to say they were the hit of the snack table. In fact, none of the teachers got a chance to sample them because they were gone before the event started. (And I even made a double batch – how embarrasing!)

Fortunately, my teaching teammates saved the day by bringing homemade, low-sugar date squares, 4-times-the-ginger ginger cookies and date/apricot bran muffins. I love working with health-conscious people!

But even more fortunately, I now know this recipe has very wide appeal. And because these truffles are full of nothing but goodness (yes, a lot of fat and sugar, but not the bad kinds), I’m willing – even happy – to share the recipe, because in the end I’d rather be known for my generosity than my raw chocolate truffles.

Raw Chocolate Truffles (original recipe here)

1 cup dates, pitted
1 cup walnuts, soaked 8 hours
1/4 c. coconut, shredded
2 Tbsp. cocoa powder

Instructions: chop walnuts in food processor with S-blade. Add dates and process until combined. (The “dough” will form sort of a ball.) Add coconut and cocoa. Process a bit longer. Roll into balls. Refrigerate or freeze until ready to serve. Enjoy!