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Serendipitous Soup

From time to time, everyone buys things in the grocery store on a whim. Stores count on impulse buys when they put magazines and chocolate bars in the check out aisles.

For me, it’s usually a new (to me) spice, grain or vegetable. That’s how I ended up trying turmeric, amaranth, and turnip for the first time.

Last weekend, impulse got the better of me while shopping at our local Carrefour and I grabbed a bag of organic dried white beans from the shelf. When I got them home I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but I promptly placed a cup of them in a bowl of water to soak, figuring by the time they had finished soaking and cooking, I’d have found a recipe for them.

It didn’t happen. One day to soak. No recipe. Cooked the next day and put in the fridge. Still no plan. I was ready to concede and put them in the freezer until the day when white-bean-inspiration would hit me.

Well, wouldn’t you know it – today I foundin my inbox a recipe from My New Roots for a healthy Vichyssoise, or leek & potato soup. The best part: it uses sweet potato instead of regular white potatoes, and white beans instead of cream. What perfect timing!

So after work, and our regular Tuesday trip to the grocery store (where I didn’t buy anything on impulse!), I whipped up a pot of this soup.

It definietly was not as beautiful as Sarah’s soup, but I like to believe that has more to do with our comparative photography skills than the soup itself.  I wish I had completed it with her ginger-kissed pumpkin seeds, but I decided to spend the soup simmering time making salad for my family instead of the (undoubtedly) delicious soup embelishment.

In the end, it made a satisfying and comforting meal. But mostly I love the serendipity of this soup.

Recipe can be found here.


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