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Vegetable Flax Crackers

The second thing I ever made in my dehydrator was flax crackers. I love them. I love that they’re so easy to make, and that they taste so good. I also love that, unlike packaged crackers, I can easily pronounce every single ingredients. Oh, and I love that they’re versatile; I can use whatever veggies I’ve got in the fridge.

It’s not just me who loves them. Big Handsome is very supportive of my culinary experiments, but he’s not always excited to eat the results. However, he really does enjoy the flax crackers.  Also, I shared some of this batch with a friend. Her response was this: “Hey…nice crackers! I love this one. I think I detect basil in them? And maybe tomato? Love them! So did [my  husband] and he usually says something stupid like “it’s good for being healthy’. Nope, really liked the crackers!”

Making dehydrated flax crackers is as easy as soaking flax seed (I usually grind 3/4 of the seeds first) in blended vegetables for about 10 minutes, adding extra seasoning if you wish (salt, shoyu, kelp flakes, etc.), spreading onto dehydrator sheets, and dehydrating overnight. There are additional steps (scoring & flipping), but even that can be skipped if you prefer to break the crakers peanut brittle style when they’re done.

These are crispy, flavourful and wholesome. I can’t think of a better snack than flax crackers topped with avocado and sprouts. Big Handsome loves them with goat cheese. Little Handsome is still acquiring a taste.

Vegetable Flax Crackers

1 c. flax seed (brown or golden, 3/4 ground)
1/2 onion
1/2 red pepper
1 small zucchini
1-2 roma tomatoes
3 dates
3 cloves garlic, chopped
handful cilantro
approx. 1 c. water
soy sauce, salt, cayanne pepper, kelp flakes to taste

Instructions: blend all veggies in a blender or food processor, adding water as necessary. Mix with flax seed and let sit for 10 minutes. Spread onto dehydrator sheets and score into squares. Dehydrate at 105 overnight or until desired crispiness, flipping part way through if desired. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Vegetable Flax Crackers

  1. Yum, these look delicious. I’ve only experimented with oven crackers, but it would be nice to try them in a dehydrator sometime. Would you say that they are as crispy as they would be if they were made in an oven?

  2. It has taken me a few tries to get them crispy. It depends on the length of time in the dehydrator and the thickness of the crackers. With the same recipe I can make thin wraps or crispy crackers. I’ve never tried making crackers in the oven.

  3. These looks delicious!! Thank you for posting, I will try these out. I’m in the process of letting my bread addiction go and this is such a great alternative! ❤

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