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Healthy Hallowe’en

This year Hallowe’en falls during Eid al Adha, the time of year 40 days after the end of Ramadan, when many muslims make the journey to Mecca. It’s also the time of year when many expatriates (the people who celebrate Hallowe’en) make a journey to anywhere but here.

Because many of our neighbours will be traveling on October 31, it was suggested that our community celebrate Hallowe’en early. At the same time, those who are not leaving want to have Hallowe’en on its proper night. So it looks like we get two nights of sweet delight this year.

First Hallowe’en was last night, and we used it to stay home and hand out treats, giving Little Handsome a chance to learn the customs around trick or treating.  Then when Second Hallowe’en rolls around, he can put his learning into practice at a handful of houses.

I love the community participation, generous spirit and fun atmosphere of Hallowe’en. However, I’m not so crazy about the dark parts, or the over-abundance of candy. So I spent a long time thinking about what we would give to trick or treaters who knocked on our door. I was uanble to find any small seasonal toys here (surprise, surprise), and the only individually wrapped bags of non-sugary candy are chips (although I think these pistachios would be a hit in this culture). I wasn’t sure how parents would react to homemade treats (are we still afraid of blades in apples or poison in cookies?). In the end, it was Big Handsome who suggested chocolate-covered, almond-filled dates. Perfect! If the kids don’t like them, their parents will thank us! But since they’re small and quite expensive, we paired them with mini boxes of raisins.

My main goal for our family is healthy balance. So of course, my boys will eat Hallowe’en candy. Some Hallowe’en candy. After a healthy dinner and glass of green juice.  But ideally I’d like to encourage Little Handsome to think of sweet healthy foods as treats, too. To that end, I’m collecting healthy – and easy – seasonal treat ideas. Any suggestion is welcome.

I’ve been surprised by how many great ideas are out there. Right now my favourites are this apple snack and this banana treat. I also like the idea behind these “pumpkin” snacks and these strawberry ghosts. Many of these recipes are toddler friendly and encourage child participation, which I love, since I’m always on the lookout for ways to get my little one involved in kitchen projects.

Hooray for Hallowe’en!


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