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Sprouting in the desert

We live in the desert. When we dug up some of our tiled backyard last year to make a garden, we discovered there was nothing but sand under it. Not ideal for growing anything except maybe citrus trees. Maybe.

But the one thing that can grow in any climate is a sprout!

In September I hosted a brunch for ladies who love good food. All of the dishes were vegan, and most were raw. It was quite a spread. My friend who had spent a week this summer at the Hippocrates Institute brought a salad full of lentil sprouts.

In the past I had experimented a bit with sprouts, but this salad, and my friend’s enthusiasm for eating living food, inspired me to get serious about sprouting. I am proud to say I have now successfully sprouted lentils, chick peas, mung beans, wheat berries, cress, kale, buckwheat, quinoa and a broccoli/radish/alfalfa/clover blend. I haven’t been crazy about all the sprouts, but they’re growing on me (pardon the pun).

Why sprouts? Well, they’re full of nutrients, enzymes and life! This is the article I go to when I want to remember why sprouts are so good for me.  And depending on the sprout, they also add a nice crunch or bite to a salad or wrap.

It’s amazing how easy it is to sprout. I was intimidated at first – until I just tried it. These folks helped to ease my trepidation. The basic instructions for sprouting are: soak, drain, rinse, drain, rinse, drain, (repeat until the sprouts are the size you want), eat. That’s it. It’s almost fool-proof. Ok, I have had a few ill-fated batches. You’ve got to learn how humid or dry your air is and adjust accordingly. But other than that, it’s fool-proof!

I currently have lentil sprouts ready to be eaten, and mung bean and broccoli sprouts just starting. It’s fun and easy.  Why not give it a try?


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