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Green Juice

At our home, green juice refers to fruit smoothies with some leafy greens added. Most people refer to this beverage as a green smoothie. We call it green juice, thus dubbed by our two-year-old.

Green juice has changed the health of our family. I know, big statement, but in many ways it’s true.

We were a typical young expatriate family. My husband and I were teaching EFL during the week, relaxing on the weekends, exercising sporadically, and eating what we considered a normal and healthy North American diet.

In October 2011 I experienced a series of infections that encouraged my initial research into links between food and illness. Thanks to reading a book loaned me by a friend, in February 2012 I started drinking green smoothies daily. In the month that followed I experienced the best sleep of my life, the most energy since I was a child, and the least menstrual pain that I can ever remember. I was instantly hooked.

I think there have been 5 days since then when I have not had a large glass of green juice. And in June 2012 my husband and son joined me in drinking the stuff. Of course, it doesn’t really solve all our problems, but it sure is a good way to get fresh fruits and veggies into our bodies, and it’s also delicious!

Green juice is only part of the story. Please stay tuned for the rest. But be patient – it’s a long story which has only just begun.

The boys’ favourite green juice

1 ripe banana
6-8 frozen strawberries
5 or 6 chunks of pineapple
2 big handfuls of baby spinach
2 cups water

Instructions: Blend all ingredients in blender, pour into cups, enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Green Juice

  1. That book changed my life too, I went out and got a vitamix and I am so grateful because it opened my eyes to a lot about health and nutrition that I had no clue about. Thanks for sharing your story.

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